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Options for Software and Hardware Support

Poor support is an oft-cited reason for switching companies in many industries, but this is especially true when it comes to IT Support. Information technology firms, like Transparent Solutions, get more support queries than most other businesses thanks to the complexity of certain software and customers’ perceived inability to do anything about problems that come up. When a piece of software doesn’t cooperate, there’s no screw to turn or sweet spot to bang to get it going again. Computer hardware can seem just as mysterious; it often looks completely fine even when it is malfunctioning greatly.

To keep customers happy, both hardware makers and software programmers will implement a number of IT support solutions. The most common is likely the ticket system, which allows customers to submit typed queries through a special interface. Using this interface allows companies to keep track of queries, who’s answering them, how long they have been in the system, and more. The system will also assign each incoming ticket to a particular person, which minimizes the chance of queries being lost. A company that properly uses a ticket system will be able to provide good support to all customers and avoid the problems associated with methods like simple email.

phone supportFor some companies, it also makes sense to offer phone support. Phone methods have big pluses, but they also have big downsides. When the person answering knows the solution to a problem, a phone support system is great – the customer gets his answer within minutes and everyone is happy. However, the phone is a huge source of aggravation when the person on the other end doesn’t have any idea how to solve the problem. Then, the immediacy of a phone call just interferes with the ability to get the question to someone who knows what he’s talking about, and the situation can go downhill very quickly. It’s essential to have an excellent training program in place for those who work phone-based IT support so that the bad side doesn’t have a chance to rear its head.

One unique support solution comes in the form of managed it services. With these packages, customers buy access to a certain level of support. It can seem arrogant for companies to charge for service, but in some cases, it’s well worth it to pay. This is because the support department is almost always better funded, and therefore, better staffed.